Our philosophy

Modern medicine has excelled in the fields of infectious disease and emergencies in the last 100 years. But in chronic degenerative disease, it is mostly control or palliation that it aims for. Conventional drugs, surgery and radiation do little to reverse the disease. These options slow the progression, sometimes with very little benefit, and too often at a great cost in quality of life for the patient.

Here at Leduc Naturopathic Clinic we take a very different approach in the treatment of chronic illness by addressing the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. We focus on the body as a whole, and therefore, we evaluate a patients mental, emotional and physical wellness in order to find and treat the cause of their symptoms. Also, we help to detect functional issues before an illness develops, and therefore, we put great emphasis on prevention.

At our clinic, we take the time to take a thorough medical history, physical exam, laboratory testing and electrodermal testing to assess and understand the how and why the illness persists. We have access to a variety of private laboratories, and therefore, get an objective detailed assessment of hormones, food allergies, metabolism etc.
We use Biological medicine to stimulate the body’s own abilities to heal and regenerate. Biological medicine has been widely used in Switzerland and Germany for the last 500 years with great success especially in the areas of chronic illness where conventional medicine fails us.

Why Leduc Naturopathic is different

At Leduc Naturopathic Clinic we help you work towards personal wholeness and provide support through the process of detoxification, digestive repair and strengthening, as well as building a healthy immune system; all foundational to maximizing healing and health maintenance to ensure you enjoy all of your golden years to their fullest. How you treat your body today counts and will determine how well your body will serve you tomorrow.

Our physicians offer a combination of over 25 years clinical experience and Dr. Botova and Dr. Flores are always seeking continuing education to ensure that the highest quality of care is always offered. We firmly believe that each person needs to be informed and decide on the treatment plan that is right for them, and therefore, the patient is always in control of their health.

Biological Medicine

Conventional medicine is based on the idea that when the body breaks down and disease develops it must be fixed from the outside with synthetic medications – that somehow man knows what to do better than the body itself. Conventional medicine looks at symptoms but rarely the cause of these symptoms; and therefore, a cure cannot be attained. The symptoms are merely masked but the disease process continues. Patients with serious health concerns who seek conventional medicine are promised slowing down the deterioration, but the cost is high due to the life altering side effects of many medications.

In biological medicine, we believe that the body’s normal state is health, and if a person is sick something has derailed the body’s innate ability to heal. Therefore, we work to remove obstacles to cure such as:


Heavy Metals

Trace element deficiencies

Intestinal disturbances, including the wrong types of bacteria in your gut flora

Food allergies and hidden intolerances

Dental and other mouth / jaw disturbances

The cause of disease is multifactorial and no single remedy will restore health. The body’s power to heal can be reawakened if the underlying causes of disease are addressed and the body is given the support and nutrients it needs to regenerate.

We call our medicine ‘biological’ because it follows the natural ways of life itself. The human body is a rich symphony of life in its constant conversation with the world around it; taking in nutrients, responding to invading infections, growing, repairing and detoxifying to maintain health.
This complex balance is governed by the body’s regulatory mechanisms, and in Biological Medicine we view symptoms, degeneration and later actual disease as stages of a gradual breakdown in these mechanisms. This breakdown occurs in predictable patterns depending on the unhealthy factors affecting the individual, their own unique genetic makeup, environment and personal history.
Using the regulatory function of the body as our central medical theory helps us connect disorders and diseases with their root causes. And fortunately, the process of breakdown of the regulatory mechanism is reversible, allowing us to move toward health at any time in our lives. Of course, Biological Medicine is not a fountain of youth and all of us will die eventually, but we can and should live happy, long and vital lives.

Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.
Arthur Schopenhauer