Our Doctors

Leduc Naturopathic Clinic is located in the heart of Leduc which is conveniently located 20 min south of Edmonton. Our doctors are proud to offer high quality primary care using a natural approach to health.

Dr. Veronika Botova


Dr. Botova is board certified in chelation, acupuncture, IV therapy, neural therapy and has prescription privileges in British Columbia. She is a primary care provider and focuses on finding and treating the root cause of illness to re-establish balance and health in the body. Dr. Botova graduated from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and she also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in biology from University of Fraser Valley. Dr. Botova is board certified in acupuncture, IV therapy, neural therapy and has prescription privileges in BC. Dr. Botova works closely with her husband, Dr. Flores, at Leduc Naturopathic Clinic which is located in Leduc and only 20 min south of Edmonton.

Together they provide each patient with the highest quality integrated medical care because of the combination of her naturopathic training and his allopathic background. Dr. Botova’s interests lie in women’s health, treatment of chronic disease and pain. Dr. Botova sees each patient as an individual and listens to their needs in order to put together the optimum treatment plan. This often comprises of a combination of nutritional medicine, herbs, homeopathy or hormone balancing when needed.

Dr. Botova frequently uses intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions or other injections therapies such as neural therapy to treat chronic conditions and pain successfully.

Dr. Luis Flores

RCSHom, MD (Méx)

Dr. Flores earned a degree in Homeopathy in 1989 and is a graduate of the leading medical school in Mexico, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, where he had a scholarship as a member of the basketball team. He received his medical degree in 1993. Following graduation, he spent several years playing professional basketball throughout Mexico while fulfilling a double role as a point guard and team physician. He pursued a specialty in Orthopedics in México City while working as an associate professor in the anatomy department.

Having a background in classical homeopathy he quickly became disenchanted with the limits of allopathic medicine when it came to treating chronic illness, and therefore, he ventured out to Canada in pursuit of naturopathic medicine which seemed to offer more options besides surgery and drug therapy. He is fully trained as a biological doctor and frequently lectures for Pekana, which is one of the top homeopathic companies in Germany, and trains doctors in the art of complex homeopathy.

Dr Flores is a very unique and well rounded doctor, because of his combined training in homeopathy/natural medicine as well as allopathic medicine, and this gives him the expertise and experience when it comes to managing complicated cases. Dr. Flores currently works in a team with his wife, Dr. Veronika Botova (ND), at Leduc Naturopathic Clinic located in the heart of Leduc, which is 20 min south of Edmonton.